Job opportunity in Canada, people of India can also apply, salary up to Rs 55 lakh, know eligibility conditions


The annual salary package for the job will be Rs 43 lakh to 55 lakh.
People from different countries including India can apply for these vacancies.
Employees can be appointed in many countries including India

New Delhi. If you want to work abroad, then a great opportunity has come for you. The Government of Canada is giving a great opportunity for white collar jobs. These jobs are related to the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada. Actually, the Government of Canada has taken out vacancies for the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Department. The Foreign Service Department of Canada has issued an advertisement regarding these jobs. The special thing is that people from different countries including India can apply for this job.

The salary package for this Canadian government job is also very good. Apart from this, the appointment and deployment of employees can be done in many countries including India. In such a situation, these recruitments taken out by the Government of Canada can be a great opportunity for the interested candidates having eligibility in India. Let us know what are the terms and conditions related to eligibility and application.

Salary package up to 55 lakhs
A huge salary is being offered by the Government of Canada for these vacancies in the Foreign Department. The pay scale for the job ranges from US$ 72,292 (Rs 43,47,135) to US$ 91,472 (Rs 55,00,486) per annum. Interested candidates can apply on the Government of Canada website.

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what will be the responsibilities
A candidate seeking a job in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Department at the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs will be required to handle key responsibilities such as application processing, risk assessment, engagement and migration diplomacy. Apart from this, the candidate should have an understanding of the law and the knowledge necessary to represent Canada’s interests at the global level.

English and French language skills required
Interested candidates applying for the job should also be proficient in both English and French language. If an applicant is not bilingual, he/she will have to undergo language training.

Applicants for this job should also have experience of working or studying abroad, proficiency in foreign languages, report writing experience, public speaking, use of social media and knowledge of big data analysis.

After appointment candidates can be posted at various places like India, China, Philippines, Mexico, Turkey, Senegal etc. Since the posts are rotational, the employees will have to change their job every 2-4 years at the discretion of the department. The job application process will be open till the last date and IRCC will continuously select the candidates from the pool of applicants

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