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Jobs will come out in the telecom sector, the government has included 42 more companies under the PLI scheme


Companies applying under DLI will get an incentive of 5-8 percent.
Under this, companies will get financial incentives as well as design infrastructure support.
Telecom and communication companies will get 4-7 incentives under normal PLI

New Delhi. The central government has approved the inclusion of 42 more companies in the PLI scheme for the telecom and communication sector. Out of 42 companies, 28 are MSMEs. Of the companies that applied for PLI, 17 had sought additional PLI of 1 per cent under the design-based manufacturing norms.

These 42 companies have committed to invest Rs 4115 crore and this is expected to create about 44,000 new jobs. With this investment, the sale of telecom products is expected to increase by Rs 2.45 lakh crore. Telecom companies covered under PLI were given the option to apply under the Design Linked Incentive by adding more products. Apart from this, he also got the option of reducing the PLI period of 5 years to 1 year.

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companies took advantage
22 companies took advantage of this opportunity, including 13 new applicants. These companies reduced their PLI period from 5 years to 1 year. According to the news of CNBC, companies applying under DLI will get an incentive of 5-8 percent. The government will give an incentive of 4195 crores under DLI. At the same time, telecom and communication companies applying under normal PLI will get 4-7 incentives.

What is DLI Scheme?
Under DLI, not only financial incentives but also design infrastructure support will be provided to these companies. These support companies will get for the next 5 years to make semiconductor designs, integrated circuits, chipsets etc. This scheme has been prepared by the Ministry of Electronics and IT. The objective of this scheme is to provide infrastructure with financial incentives to semiconductor design.

Who are the characters?
Under the Design Link Incentive, such companies will be eligible that use 50 percent Made in India products in their products. In the new PLI scheme, the manufacturers have been listened to and the government has removed the requirement of using 15 percent of the amount on research and development. Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Jabil, Dixon Tech, Tejas Network, HFCL, VVDN and Coral Telecom are expected to benefit from this scheme.

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