June Grah Gochar 2023: Mercury and Sun will change zodiac sign in the month of June, sleeping luck will shine

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Planet transit is considered to be of special importance in astrology. And in the month of June, 3 planets are going to change their zodiac sign. Whose positive effect will be seen on some zodiac signs and negative effect on some zodiac signs.

In astrology, transit and change of position of planets and constellations is considered very important. At the same time, all the planets change their position and zodiac sign after a certain period of time. This transit of planets is called planetary transit. Let us tell you that due to the change in the zodiac sign of the planets, we all get to see some positive or negative effect in our lives. In such a situation, the month of June is going to be special. Because in the month of June, many important planets are changing zodiac signs. Let us know on which zodiac signs the change of these planets will have a positive effect.

Mercury transit 2023

First of all, in the month of June, the planet Mercury will change its position. Please tell that on June 07, the planet Mercury will transit in Taurus. Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence and health. On the other hand, the people of Taurus can get success in business from this planetary transit. On the other hand, due to the auspicious effect of Mercury, there will be benefits in both the fields of education and health. But due to the inauspicious effects of Mercury, the natives may also have to face losses in these areas.

sun transit 2023

On coming June 15, Suryadev will transit in Gemini. Because of which June 15 will also be known as Mithun Sankranti. Please tell that in astrology, Sun God has been called the king of the planets. A special effect is seen on all the zodiac signs due to the change of Sun God’s zodiac sign. On the one hand, where the people of some zodiac will get full support of luck, on the other hand, the people of some zodiac will have to deal with problems in the education, business and economic sector.

Mercury transit 2023

At the end of the month of June, on June 24, the planet Mercury will enter Gemini. The division of this planetary transit will be seen on almost all zodiac signs. Because Suryadev will already be sitting in this zodiac sign. Explain that when the planet Mercury transits in Gemini, it becomes in a low state. With the effect of which the communication ability of the natives will increase and mastery in art is seen.

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