Kalsarp Dosh affects a lot, identify with these 4 signs, these measures will remove every problem

Kalsarpa Dosh: A person born in Hinduism comes with many yogas in his horoscope as soon as he is born. Some of these yogas are very good, which change the life of that person and some yogas are very bad. Apart from this, some such yogas are also formed in the horoscope, which give mixed results to the native. In such situations, despite having all the comforts and facilities, the person remains upset most of the time. Many types of cursed yoga are also found in a person’s horoscope. Kalsarpa yoga is one of these cursed yogas. Astrology believes that if a person has Kalsarp Dosha in his horoscope, then the person may have to face many problems throughout his life. Residents of Bhopal are giving more information about Kalsarp Yoga Astrologer and Vastu expert Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma.

Symptoms of Kaal Sarp Dosh

It is told in astrology that when a person has Kalsarpa Dosha in his horoscope, he may have to face various kinds of troubles. Due to Kalsarp defect, there are problems physically and financially. Some people also have to bear problems related to children due to Kalsarp defect. Either that person remains childless or the child is diseased. Due to Kalsarp defect, the job of the person is also left again and again and he may have to take loan many times. In case of Kalsarp defect, it is very important to get its redressal done with the advice of a learned astrologer.

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Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran

In Hindu religious texts and astrology, many easy ways have been given to remove Kalsarp Dosh. If there is discord between husband and wife, wear a peacock feather crown, install Lord Krishna’s statue in your house and worship him daily with “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah” or “Om Namo Vasudevaya Krishnaya Namah Shivay”. Chant the mantra. It is believed that by regular chanting of these mantras, Kalsarp Dosha is pacified.

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To remove obstacles in employment

If you or any person is facing problems in employment due to Kalsarp defect, then dip Palash flower in cow urine, grind it finely and make powder and mix it with sandalwood powder and make a shape of Tripund on Shivling. By doing this for 21 days, Kalsarp Dosha will be pacified and the problem of job will be solved soon.

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