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Keep clothes safe from ‘Silverfish’ by adopting these 5 tips, know now


The use of lavender oil is also effective in protecting against insects.
The use of boric acid and cloves gives relief from insects.

Get Rid Of Silverfish: In the rainy season, many types of insects come into the house, which cause a lot of damage to everything in the house. Apart from this, these small insects also cause many types of viruses and infections. These insects can make us sick. These insects spoil many things from kitchen to clothes. One of such insects is a worm named Silverfish. While cleaning this, you must have seen it often in the wardrobe of clothes. It is silver in color from above and looks like a fish. They thrive in damp places in the house, which can cause severe damage to clothing. 5 natural ways to protect clothing from silverfish.

Boric acid will help
Infection of silverfish can be avoided with the help of boric acid. Spray boric acid mixed with water every day in damp places in the house and clothes cupboards. Boric acid is the enemy of poisonous insects. This can get rid of silverfish.

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Borax is the enemy of silverfish
Mix the borax and sugar well and sprinkle them on the silverfish occupied areas. You must spray it every night at night, so that the clothes are saved from silverfish.

cloves are also amazing
Keep cloves in every corner of your house where silverfish are occupied. Keep this especially in your wardrobe. You keep it until you get rid of the silverfish.

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Cinnamon will leave
Cinnamon can help you to protect clothes from silverfish. Keep a few sticks of cinnamon, which is called the queen of spices, or in the cracks inside the house and in the cupboard of clothes. Change this cinnamon every week, so that it continues to do its work.

Useful rock salt
To get rid of silverfish, put rock salt in cupboards, bathrooms and damp places. Spray it everyday in the evening. With this, clothes can also be protected from silverfish, due to which we are most prone to infection.

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