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Keep these things in mind while taking a bath in the winter season, you will not be troubled by dryness

Prevent Skin From Drying In Winters: In winter, the problem of dry skin is more than normal days. In this season, if special care is not taken of the skin, then dryness gets converted into all kinds of skin problems. Although the dryness of the skin in winter cannot be avoided, but it can definitely be reduced by taking care of some things. Especially while taking a bath, you can avoid skin dryness by taking care of some small but important things.

The problem increases as winter progresses

As winter progresses, so does the dryness. Even on this, if the winds start blowing cold, then the skin may even crack. If dry skin is not taken seriously, then serious problems like itching and rashes can also occur. So take care of these things in winter.

use mild shop

Reduce the use of soap in this season and use mild soap for whatever you do. They do not remove the natural oil of the skin. If you have dry skin, especially take care of this.

do not use very hot water

Do not use very hot water for bathing. This completely removes the moisture from the upper layer of the skin. Along with this, keep the bath time short in winter, that is, do not stay in the water for too long even if you are getting hot water for bathing.

Apply moisturizer immediately after bath

Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing. At this time they are best absorbed in the skin. Make sure your moisturizer contains ingredients like glycerin and shea butter.

Add glycerin to bath water

A few drops of glycerin in bath water can also save you from dry skin. Before bathing, mix glycerin in the water and take a bath with this water. Along with this, use heavy moisturizer in this season. Apply heavy moisturizer especially at bedtime.

Take care of exfoliation

Do exfoliation once a week. This removes dead skin and the moisturizer applied on the skin reaches inside and gives nourishment. When choosing a moisturizer, keep in mind that they contain ingredients like hyalurnic acid and olive extract.

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