Keep white towels clean and soft in a simple way, learn how


Wash white towels separately by soaking them in hot water.
You clean them in a solution of vinegar and baking soda.

White Towel Cleaning Tips: Protecting white clothes from stains is not an easy task. Especially if you use white clothes for cleaning then it becomes impossible to keep them clean. Especially if you have a white towel and you are using it daily, then it is very difficult to keep them like new for a long time. Due to their use, they become dirty and even after cleaning, their shine and softness disappears somewhere. But if you do not use white towels just because of not being able to clean them, then this is also not right. We tell you how you can keep your white towels as clean as the towels found in hotels.

Keep white towels white and soft like this
Whenever you clean your white towel in the machine, keep in mind that more clothes are not put in the machine at once. If there are too many clothes in it, then the dirt will not be cleaned easily.

Whenever you clean the white towel, clean it in the machine by setting it in 60 to 140 degree temperature. If you want, you can leave it in boiled water for some time.

– If you use fabric conditioner after cleaning, do not do so. The chemicals present in these repeatedly seep into the clothes and reduce their softness.

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Instead of fabric conditioner, you can use white vinegar. It is a natural conditioner and it also disinfects clothes easily.

To dry them, use a dry ball in the machine. By doing this their softness is maintained.

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these things are useful
Always buy high quality towels and clean them with minimal detergent.
Do not delay in cleaning them as soon as they get stained and immediately immerse them in water.
Potassium permanganate is a chemical oxide that is used to clean hotel towels.
After washing, fill water in a big tub and add baking soda, liquid detergent to it and leave it in it.
If there is more stain, then boil the towel in this mixture for some time. Then rinse thoroughly in cold water.

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