Kidney Cancer: Kidney cancer is increasing in children, if you see these symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.

Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer: Kidney works to detox the body. Along with this, it cleans the blood by removing the impurities of the body. Kidney cancer in children begins when kidney cells ie cells start growing abnormally and get out of control. Kidney cancer occurring in children is known as Wilms tumor. According to the National Cancer Institute, kidney cancer mostly occurs in children between 3 and 5 years of age. But it is the most common cancer affecting children from 0 to 14 years.

Researchers estimate that 5 percent of children may be vulnerable to this cancer. Symptoms and causes of kidney cancer can be different in every child, which is very difficult to identify in the beginning. But if some common symptoms appear, it can be treated in time.

symptoms of kidney cancer

According to Healthline, kidney cancer can have the following symptoms –

, Lump in abdomen that can be felt through the skin

, stomach ache

, blood in urine

, Constipation

, loss of appetite

, sudden weight loss

, high blood pressure

due to kidney cancer

, genetic factors

, tumor

, kidney lump

, kidney failure

, urinary problems

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How to diagnose kidney cancer in children

, blood and urine test

, imaging tests

, biopsy

kidney cancer treatment

, surgery

, chemotherapy

, radiation therapy

, lifestyle changes

, kidney exercises

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Kidney cancer is a serious problem which needs to be treated on time. By identifying the early symptoms of kidney cancer, its treatment can be started.

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