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Kitchen work will be done in minutes on Diwali, follow these kitchen hacks of Master Chef Pankaj Bhadauria


To boil eggs quickly, mix white vinegar in water while boiling.
If a knife is not present, you can also peel the ginger by scraping it with a spoon.

Kitchen Hacks: Usually working in the kitchen is no less than a challenging task. At the same time, some people are fond of cooking in the kitchen. So some people have to cook under compulsion. Not only does it take a lot of time to prepare good and tasty food, but it also takes hard work. In such a situation, if you want, you can follow some tips to make the kitchen work easier. Yes, the kitchen hacks of Famous Master Chef Pankaj Bhadauria can be very helpful for you.

Egg Boiling Tips
Considered to be the best source of protein, eggs are an important part of most people’s diet. However, many times people take a lot of time to boil and peel eggs in the midst of busy lifestyle. In such a situation, while boiling eggs, you can mix a little white vinegar in the water. This will boil the egg quickly and you will not have much trouble in peeling the egg. Also, by adding sugar to water, the egg does not spread even in water after it breaks.

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ginger peeling tips
Usually people take the help of a knife to peel ginger while cooking. In such a situation, if a knife is not present, you can peel the ginger by scraping it with a spoon. Apart from this, to bring the perfect color to peas, carrots and beans, you can add 1 pinch of sugar while boiling the vegetables. This will bring out the color of the vegetables quite brightly.

Cockroach Extermination Tips
Cockroaches are a common problem in the kitchen. On one hand, it becomes difficult for people to get rid of cockroaches. So at the same time, cockroaches also become a threat to the hygiene of the kitchen. In such a situation, you can use boric powder to drive cockroaches away from the kitchen. For this, sprinkle boric powder on the cockroach area in the kitchen. This will make the cockroaches disappear immediately.

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