Know how to grow lucky bamboo easily by filling water in a small container

Tips to Grow Bamboo Plant at Home : Nowadays, due to small houses and flats in the cities, the trend of indoor plants has increased a lot. Indoor plants look very beautiful as well as make the atmosphere of the house very positive. According to experts, there are many such plants which promote oxygen in the house and according to Vastu Shastra they are also considered very lucky. If you are also fond of indoor planting, then we have brought a wonderful plant planting tips for you. Let us know, the easy method to grow Lucky Bamboo plant at home and take proper care of it.

Easy way to grow and care for Lucky Bamboo at home
It is very easy to grow lucky bamboo plant at home, for this you only have to take a medium size or small glass container. Apart from this, you can also grow bamboo plant in soil.

Grow bamboo plant by this method by filling water in the container
1. First of all buy a bamboo plant from your nearest nursery or any store. If you have this plant somewhere around you, then you can use it by cutting its joints.
2. Place the cuttings of the plant in a glass container, the roots of the plant have been found from the bottom of the container.
3. After placing the bamboo plant in the container, immerse its roots in water well.
4. Water is very important for the bamboo plant, that’s why two to three times in a week, keep pouring water into the container when the water dries up and you can change the water daily.
5. Keep the plant inside the house, there should be little sunlight and there should be less darkness.

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Know some important things to take care of bamboo plant
Keep in mind for the proper growth of bamboo plant, its roots should always remain in water.
Instead of giving purifier water to the bamboo plant, pour only normal tap water.
Keep the leaves of the plant away from water and if any leaf is looking yellow, then keep cutting them. While changing the water in the bamboo plant, clean its roots with a cotton cloth.

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