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Know these three reasons for bad breath in children, know home remedies


Less production of saliva in the mouth causes bad breath
Sinus or allergies can cause bad breath
Lack of hygiene can also be the reason for bad breath

Remedies For Bad Breath In Kids-Every parent knows how important hygiene is for children. Bad breath can cause embarrassment to the child. Bad breath indicates some disease or serious problem. It is very important to control the bad breath of a small child in time. One of the reasons for bad breath in children can be GRD i.e. Gastroesophageal reflux disease and if the problem is severe then it can also indicate kidney failure. Bad breath, which we call halitosis in medical language, causes foul smell due to the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This can be due to not cleaning the teeth properly, not taking care of hygiene or having any medical condition. Let’s know.

what is the cause of bad breath

poor oral hygiene
parenting.firstcry.com According to this, if the child does not flossing or brushing properly, then due to the accumulation of plaque in the teeth, bacteria start growing in the gums. Which causes bad breath.

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dry mouth
If less saliva is formed in the mouth, which is known as xerostomia, it is also a reason for bad breath from the mouth.

mouth breathing
Some children have a habit that they breathe through the mouth instead of the nose. Due to which the mouth remains dry and less saliva is formed. Because of this, bad breath starts.

health condition
Allergies, tonsils, sinus infection, etc. can also be the reason for bad breath.

Know home remedies
Do not feed the child with strong smelling things.
Bad breath can be removed with mint and parsley. Massage the teeth of children with its oil daily.
Mixing lemon juice in a little water and giving it to the child will reduce the bad breath.
Include green vegetables in the diet of children.
To keep children hydrated, give them plenty of water.

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Bad breath in children should not be ignored at all. If still they have this kind of problem, then home remedies can help you in this. But before any treatment, please consult an expert once.

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