Know what are the causes, symptoms and preventive measures of chronic hypertension

Chronic Hypertension: long-term high blood pressure is called chronic hypertension. Blood pressure means the heart works to control blood pressure during blood circulation in the body from the arteries of the body. The condition of chronic hypertension is also called silent killer, because no symptoms of high blood pressure are easily seen in it and this problem damages the heart and other organs by staying in the body for a long time. Chronic hypertension can be identified only by screening or checkup. In such a situation, it is necessary to make a routine of regular checkup if there is a problem of high blood pressure. Let us know some common symptoms and preventive measures due to chronic hypertension.

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Causes of chronic hypertension:
According to Very Well
There can be many reasons for chronic hypertension. Some of which cannot be controlled due to factors like aging and genetics etc. Some of the common causes of chronic hypertension are as follows.

Aging, due to stiffening of blood vessels
– excessive consumption of alcohol
– bad diet
Chronic stress or tension
-lack of sleep
– pollution
Medical problems like kidney diseases and obesity etc.

Symptoms of chronic hypertension:
Hypertension i.e. high blood pressure is called silent killer because most of its symptoms are not easily seen. According to health experts, in some cases, the symptoms of chronic hypertension can be headache, bleeding from the nose, etc.
Despite having no symptoms, chronic high blood pressure is a serious problem, which causes heart related diseases, stroke and kidney diseases. Regular checkup is necessary in the problem of hypertension.

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Measures to prevent chronic hypertension:
Chronic hypertension is a serious problem, which is very important to identify in time and make some lifestyle changes. Because, chronic hypertension causes serious problems like heart attack, stroke. Know some ways to avoid this –
Do not be negligent in eating and drinking and maintain a healthy diet, which includes maximum fruits and vegetables.
Do regular yoga and physical exercise.
Minimize salt intake and avoid processed food.
Increase the amount of potassium in your diet, blood pressure can be controlled to a great extent with potassium-rich foods.
– Don’t smoke and drink alcohol.

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