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Know what causes the problem of double chin, 5 super yoga will solve it


Obesity is the main cause of double chin.
Exercises like tongue press and neck stretch are very beneficial in the problem of double chin.
To prevent double chin, do regular face massage.

Super Exercises to Reduce Double Chin : Double chin is the fat accumulated around the jaw. Although being overweight is the most common cause of double chin, but not every person whose double chin is visible, it is necessary that he is fat. Sometimes some thin people can also become a victim of double chin due to heredity, apart from this, the problem of double chin is also seen with aging. Like the increased extra fat in the body, getting rid of double chin is also not easy, after having a double chin, it becomes difficult to reduce it. Some people try to fix it by making changes in the diet, but this can be a very difficult and lengthy process. If you are also troubled by double chin and are looking for ways to get rid of it, then knowing the common causes of double chin, you can eliminate this problem by doing some easy yoga. Let’s know

Common causes of double chin:
According to StyleCrazy.com, there can be many reasons for a double chin. This includes from aging to weight gain. Sometimes this problem can also be genetic.

Genetics – This problem can be seen in people with a family history of double chin or certain skin types.

gaining weight – The accumulation of fat can stretch the skin and lose its flexibility.

growing old – With ageing, collagen weakens, leading to herniated fat in the neck area. This can lead to sagging of the skin and result in a double chin problem.

Yoga to reduce double chin:

Tongue Press –In this super yoga, by pressing your tongue on the bottom of your mouth, you should tilt your head back and forth to get rid of the extra fat in your jaw.

side neck stretchSit straight and bend your neck as much as possible on both sides. This yoga helps in reducing the fat deposited on the sides of your chin.

stick out tongueYou can also get rid of double chin by sticking out your tongue and rotating it on both sides. Keep doing this effort continuously.

Neck Stretching – Rotate your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise. By doing this exercise continuously, the problem of double chin can be got rid of.

Pigeon face –Grab either side of your lower jaw (just below the ear) with your thumb and forefinger and tilt your head forward. By doing this continuously, you can get rid of double chin.

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