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Know what to eat and what not after eye lasik surgery


To get rid of spectacles, most people nowadays undergo LASIK surgery.
Red meat should be avoided after LASIK surgery.
After lasik surgery, eat eggs, fruits and green vegetables etc.

Foods to Eat and Avoid after Lasik Surgery : Lasik surgery means that the near or far vision of the eyes becomes weak, then with this surgery, an attempt is made to correct the poor eyesight by reshaping the cornea of ​​the eye of the victim. Nowadays, many people wear glasses due to poor eyesight, while some people resort to lasik surgery to avoid glasses. When you undergo any kind of surgery, then everyone’s body feels a little weak. This is normal, but after surgery, doctors recommend taking proper and special care of the diet. Even after LASIK surgery, doctors recommend drinking more and more liquids and taking light food. Let us know what you should and should not eat after LASIK surgery.

what to eat after lasik surgery

Whole grains
According to the blog Pharmacy.in. in these foods
The glycemic index and carbs are very low, so doctors recommend eating it, such as quinoa, brown rice, oats and wheat.

Eggs are an excellent source of healthy fats and proteins, which are very beneficial to consume after any surgery. You can consume eggs after lasik surgery.

Citrus fruits and green vegetables
Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps the body to recover quickly. At the same time, antioxidants are present in vegetables, which are beneficial in many eye problems.

what not to eat after lasik surgery

red meat
Red meat and sausage can increase fats and blood cholesterol levels. This can cause problems in the molecular vessels of the eyes and can also cause eyesight, so do not consume such foods.

junk food
Junk food like chips, burgers and crisps etc. all contain fats, which can also cause poor eyesight and blurred vision or eye infections. Junk food is also harmful for overall health, so avoid its consumption.

Take care of yourself after LASIK surgery
– Wear dark glasses and caps while going out in the sun.
Put the doctor’s recommended medicine in the eyes.
Do not smoke and take care of diet.
Do not put makeup on the eyes and do not rub the eyes at all.

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