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Knowing how Monu’s quarrel with wife ended, will not be able to live without laughing

Sonu said to the friend – and heard that the quarrel with the wife is over or not?
Monu- Abe came to me walking on his knees… on his knees
Sonu- what are you talking about, really…
Monu- what else…
Sonu- what did you say then?
Monu- Bid come out from under the bed, I will not kill you for sure!

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Ramesh was having food at his friend Suresh’s house.
Ramesh- Man your dog has been staring at me for a long time?
Suresh- Eat food quickly, otherwise it will bite.
Because you are eating in the same vessel!

Viral jokes

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Early in the morning, as soon as the wife got up from her sleep, she said – do you listen?
Husband – Speak! What happened?
Wife- I had a dream that you have brought me a diamond necklace.
Husband- Okay then go back to sleep and wear it!

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