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Layoffs 2022: Meta, Twitter give up, now looking for new jobs through LinkedIn – layoffs employees are using linkedin for immediate jobs after amazon meta twitter layoffs


Many thousands of people are affected by large-scale layoffs in America.
Big trouble for those working in America on H-1B visa.
Now people are searching for jobs by reaching the LinkedIn community.

New Delhi. Technology sector employees in the US who have just faced a tough phase of layoffs are now trying to find a new place for themselves with the help of LinkedIn. Especially for those who are there on H-1B visa, it is necessary for them to stay there that they get a job within the next 6 months. If this does not happen then they will have no other way but to return to India.

According to a report by Live Mint, Neeraj Deshpande was a software engineer at Facebook. He recently posted on LinkedIn that he was “one of the unfortunate 11,000 people affected by the recent layoffs at Meta”. Neeraj wrote on LinkedIn, “My heart goes out to all those affected by the layoffs. It has been a tremendous journey with extremely talented people. Being on H-1B visa, I am now actively looking for software engineering opportunities.”

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Explain that Meta Platforms has decided to lay off 13 percent of its employees or more than 11,000 employees. Before that, Twitter had also shown the way out to thousands of its employees. Not only Meta and Twitter are involved in layoffs, apart from these many other tech companies have made layoffs on a small or large scale. A report from Crunchbase last week confirmed layoffs of around 50,000 people. With so many tech experts becoming unemployed together, it has become more difficult to get a job.

Saw recession 3 times, but did not lose the job
Raju Kadam, with over 16 years of experience, was a Senior Technical Program Manager at META. He was one of the unfortunate ones who was fired. He wrote, “I am on H1-B visa and my time to leave USA starts from today. Reaching out to all matemates, connections, linkedin community to help me find a job or else I have to leave USA with my kids. I am in USA for 16 years and I have seen recession of 2008, 2015 (oil), 2020 but never lost my job. My 2 sons (Arjun – Superman, Yash – Chicken) are US citizens, and their lives will be affected. I will do everything in my power to give them the best possible opportunity to succeed in the USA. So, I urgently need a new job in USA.”

no less helping
While such people are using LinkedIn to get instant jobs, there are others who are using the same platform to provide employment. Abhishek Rai wrote, “If you are affected by the Twitter or Meta layoffs and if you are interested in working for Atlassian, contact me for a referral. I would love to help you through this difficult time. I will fulfill my responsibility towards the community.

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The pain of the people of America is no less!
Not only Indians in America, but Americans have also been victims of mass layoffs. One such person is Marilyn Cole, who is affected by the layoffs of Amazon. She wrote, “I would like to say here clearly that since I was working on contract, I would not even get the severance package. I am a mother and earn for the family. I am putting in all my strength to keep the car of life running. However, it will not be right to get into panic mode now.

Not only in America, in India also many employees are looking for job opportunities after being fired. One of them is Tanjul Sharma, who was an assistant marketing manager at Byju’s. Tanjul has also posted on LinkedIn that she is looking for a job.

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