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Layoffs 2022: Unacademy sent 10 percent of the employees home, the CEO said – painful


Unacademy has laid off about 350 employees.
CEO Gaurav Munjal told other companies – keep them if needed.
In April this year also Unacademy had fired 600 people from their jobs.

New Delhi. Amidst reports of layoffs in companies around the world, an Indian company has also decided to send 10 percent of its employees home. The name of this company is Unacademy. This edtech (education-technology) company, run by soft bank funds, has laid off about 350 of its employees due to lack of funds. The company’s CEO and co-founder Gaurav Munjal gave information about this through a tweet yesterday, on Monday.

In an internal email sent to employees on November 7, Gaurav Munjal said the company needs to optimize and build an efficient system for these unprecedented times. “About 10 percent of Unacademy employees across the group will be affected by this, and if you are one of the affected people – you will get a detailed communication from HR within 48 hours,” he said.

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In the same tweet, Munjal said that he is ready to help other companies to get re-employment of laid-off employees. He tweeted, “If you are hiring people in your company, please email me at gaurav@unacademy.com and we will send you a directory of affected roles directly.”

People have been removed before
In April this year, Unacademy laid off about 600 employees from its various offices. Most of those who were asked to leave were educators, tutors and contract workers.

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After this, in July, Gaurav Munjal assured his employees in an internal email that the company would not lay off any more. In his recent note, Gaurav Munjal apologized for the U-turn, and blamed the current market challenges and difficult economic conditions for the decision to lay off employees.

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