Layoffs: Companies will give compensation if layoffs are done illegally: Union Minister

New Delhi. The central government has reacted to the large-scale retrenchment by many companies including IT and Ed-Tech in the country. Labor and Employment Minister Bhupendra Yadav said in the Rajya Sabha today that if these retrenchments are not in accordance with the rules of the Industrial Disputes Act, then they will be considered illegal. The Union Minister said this in response to a question in the Rajya Sabha in which he was asked that what cognizance is the government taking on the layoffs being done by IT, social media and edtech companies.

In response, the Union Minister said that lay-offs and retrenchments come under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. In this, provisions have been given regarding layoffs. According to this act, companies with more than 100 employees have to take permission from the concerned government before firing people. He further said that if these retrenchments have taken place against the provisions of this law, then the aggrieved employee can demand compensation from the company. Along with this, he can also claim for re-employment in the company.

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which government has authority
The Union Minister said that the data in this regard is with the government of that state. The state in which the company is established. The Central Government does not maintain the data of the employees of any multinational and Indian company. He said that the central and state governments within their jurisdiction deal with these matters. According to the Union Minister, if the company comes under the jurisdiction of the Central Government, then the matter of retrenchments is looked after by the Central Industrial Relations Machinery.

massive layoffs
Let us tell you that for the last few months, layoffs are happening on a large scale in tech companies. Companies like Netflix, Twitter, Meta, Amazon have fired thousands of people. Indian companies are also not behind in this matter. Companies like Byju’s, Josh and Healthify have fired around 13618 employees in the last few weeks. Out of this, Byju has shown the way out to 2500 employees. Apart from this, another Indian e-commerce company Udaan has laid off 350 of its employees.

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