Live a healthy life without disease, follow these 9 formulas of Dr. Priyanka from the age of 20, the formula is easy

Tips to Make Healthy Life: Our lifestyle has become very bad. There is always a risk of many diseases in this lifestyle. Actually, under the influence of modernity, we have started focusing more on our professional work. Social interaction has decreased. Diet is very bad. All the things that are grown are being grown with the help of many types of harmful chemicals. Many types of toxins are also being used to keep the food fresh for a long time. The increasing pollution from above is directly attacking us. Staying healthy amidst all this is the biggest challenge in today’s life.

Despite all this, if someone wants, he can at least try to live a healthy life. Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Dietician at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore says that if we include only 9 things in our daily life, then the risk of many diseases can be reduced and to a large extent we can live a healthy life. Are.

9 Simple Formulas for Healthy Life

1.9000 steps-Doctor. Priyanka Rohatgi says that if we walk 9000 steps daily, then every part of our body will remain active. The balance of hormones will remain and the risk of lifestyle related diseases will be reduced.

2.8 hours of sleepSleeplessness is a big disease today. But adequate sleep is very important for a healthy life. If sleep is not proper then the level of stress hormone will increase which will increase the risk of many diseases. That’s why 8 hours of sleep everyday is necessary.

3. enough water70 percent of our body is made up of water. Without water, no chemical reaction will take place in the body. That’s why it is necessary to drink at least 7 glasses of water daily.

4. MeditationMeditation can prove to be very helpful in a run-of-the-mill life. That’s why do just 6 minutes of meditation every day. Many problems can be solved.

5. Fruits and Vegetables-Doctor. Priyanka Rohatgi says to consume at least 5 types of fruits and vegetables every day. With this, the balance of the diet will be maintained.

6. BreakPeople are continuously engaged in work but it is necessary to take break 4 times during work every day. This maintains mental peace and keeps stress under control.

7.FoodMust eat 3 times a day. Although the quantity of food should not be much, but by eating three times, the body will get enough nutrients.

8. 2 hours without phoneOf course, the phone is helpful in many cases but it also has many disadvantages. So leave the phone 2 hours before sleeping.

9. Physical ActivityDo at least one additional physical activity every day. For this you can go cycling or swimming or participate in some sports.

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