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Long Hair: Unique record, Karauli’s daughter’s hair is longer than the height, know the secret and get such beautiful hair

Report – Mohit Sharma

Karauli. ‘If this swirl is scattered openly, then it is good / If the fate of this night is improved then it will be good…’ When the poet would have imagined such a thing, how could there be a picture of black thick and long hair! Karauli has a daughter, Vinita, whose long hair is discussed not only in the country but in the world. She has recently won a national competition for the longest hair in Kota, has thousands of followers on social media, whom she gives tips to handle long hair and has also done modeling. The secret of his long healthy hair is known from him.

Long hair is the dream of women in fashion and lifestyle. Women spend up to thousands of rupees for long hair and on its care. Vinita Gurjar of Karauli has brought laurels to the district by creating a record of hair longer than her height, she is becoming an inspiration and source for many on how to maintain long hair. Vinita, who has made a mark today due to her hobby since childhood, also told some secrets and tips in a special conversation with News18 Local.

How did a hobby become a profession?

The special thing is that Vinita’s hair is longer than her height of 5 feet 7 inches. Vineeta told, in school time she could not pay attention to hair, but after coming to college, she started care. Vinita, who took inspiration from her mother to grow hair, says that her mother was also fond of growing hair. Now Vinita has made the hobby of growing hair a profession. She tells people home remedies for hair health through YouTube channel and Instagram.

How do you get hair like Vinita?

Vinita tells the secret of her hair health by doing yoga for one hour regularly.
To stay away from stress, she plays badminton every evening along with yoga.
– Avoid shampoo and use only natural things.
— She washes her hair in 4 days and on the day she washes hair, gives half a day to her hair maintenance.
– Combs are done daily as they often have to braid or fold the hair.

And these things are also special

Due to long hair, Vineeta has 25000 followers on social media. She has also done advertisement for a Bangladesh company. Vinita gets her hair cut every 6 months, but not in a parlor but from her father. Her husband also fully cooperates in grooming her hair. At present, Vinita is preparing for competitive exams. His dream is to become a good teacher. She tells the goal of life to connect the underprivileged children in the village Dhanis with education.

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