Looking for a tasty dish without oil, try Katori Sandwich Dhokla


Even without oil, bowl sandwich dhokla is wonderful to eat.
Katori Sandwich Dhokla gives the taste of many dishes at once.

Katori Sandwich Dhokla Video Recipe: If you want to eat something at any time of the day, which is tasty as well as non-oily. So you can follow this wonderful recipe of Katori Sandwich Dhokla. Please tell that in this recipe you can get the taste of sandwich, idli, dhokla and samosa together. Not only this, this recipe is also prepared instantly in minutes.

This recipe of Katori Sandwich Dhokla can be best for those people who avoid eating oil. But other people will also want to try it again and again after tasting it. So let’s know this best recipe of Katori Sandwich Dhokla, which has been shared by Instagram user (@eatyammiecious) through video on his account.

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Ingredients for making Katori Sandwich Dhokla
To make Katori Sandwich Dhokla, one cup semolina, one cup yogurt, four boiled potatoes, two chopped green chilies, one medium size chopped onion, one small chopped capsicum, quarter cup roasted peanuts, one teaspoon red chili. Take powder, one teaspoon roasted cumin powder, one teaspoon chaat masala, two teaspoons chopped coriander, salt as per taste and water as required. Let us now know the method of making Katori Sandwich Dhokla.

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