Mahananda Navami 2023: Donation on Mahananda Navami brings auspicious results

By duly worshiping and observing fast of Maa Lakshmi along with Mahananda Navami, every suffering ends from a person’s life. Along with this, one gets rid of money related problems. Bathing in the holy rivers on the day of Mahananda Navami brings merit.

Today is Mahanavami, Mahanavami has special importance in Hindu religion, so let us tell you about the importance and worship method of Mahanavami.

About Mahananda Navami

In Hinduism, the fast of Mahananda Navami is considered very auspicious. This fast is observed on the Navami date of Shukla Paksha of Magh month. According to the Panchang, the fast of Mahananda Navami is observed on the Navami date of Shukla Paksha of Magh month. Due to Gupta Navratri falling on the Navami date, the importance of this day has increased even more. On this day there is a law to worship Goddess Lakshmi duly. Pundits believe that bathing and donating on this day brings auspicious results. Please tell that Mahananda Navami is also called ‘Taal Navami’. Know the date, auspicious time and importance of Mahananda Navami.

Mahananda Navami 2023 date and auspicious time

Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Magh month begins – on January 29 at 9:05 am

Navami date of Shukla Paksha of Magh month ends – on January 30 at 10.12 am

Mahananda Navami 2023 date – 29 January 2023

Importance of Mahananda Navami 2023

According to the scriptures, by duly worshiping and fasting of Maa Lakshmi on Mahananda Navami, every suffering ends from a person’s life. Along with this, one gets rid of money related problems. Bathing in the holy rivers on the day of Mahananda Navami brings merit. Along with this the person gets freedom from all the sins of present and past lives.

Method of worshiping Maa Durga along with Maa Lakshmi on Mahananda Navami

According to mythology, Goddess Durga is a symbol of power and energy. Pundits believe that worshiping Goddess Durga leads to victory over all evil spirits. Due to this she is also called ‘Durgatinashini’ which means she who removes all sufferings. Hence those who worship Goddess Durga with devotion, they get freedom from all their sorrows and sorrows. On Mahananda Navami date, there is a law to worship the nine forms of Maa Durga, Chandraghanta, Shailputri, Kalaratri, Skanda Mata, Brahmacharini, Siddhidayini, Kushmanda, Katyayani and Mahagauri.

Mythology from Mahananda Navami

According to the legend of Shri Mahananda Navami Vrat, once upon a time a moneylender’s daughter used to worship Peepal. Lakshmiji resided in that peepal tree. Lakshmiji befriended the moneylender’s daughter. One day Lakshmiji took the moneylender’s daughter to her house, fed her a lot and gave her many gifts. When she started returning, Lakshmiji asked the moneylender’s daughter, when are you calling me? He reluctantly invited Lakshmiji to come to his house, but she became sad. When the moneylender asked, the daughter said that we have nothing in comparison to Lakshmiji. How will I take care of them? The moneylender said that we will serve him with what we have. Then the daughter hit a four and sat down chanting the name of Lakshmiji after lighting a four-faced lamp. Only then an eagle took the Naulakha necklace and put it there. After selling it, the daughter prepared a gold plate, shawl, dushala and many types of dishes and also brought a gold post for Lakshmiji. After some time, Lakshmiji came with Ganeshji and being pleased with his service, gave all kinds of prosperity. Therefore, the person who observes this fast on the day of Mahananda Navami and worships Shri Lakshmi Devi, gets stable Lakshmi in his house and gets freedom from poverty and bad luck goes away.

Remedy on the day of Mahananda

On the day of Mahananda Navami, fasting and worshiping Goddess Lakshmi ji according to the rituals and chanting mantras removes poverty or poverty and brings prosperity in life. By observing Mahananda fast, happiness and prosperity comes in the house, the lack of money goes away and gradually one gets freedom from troubles. On this day, virgins or little girls should be worshipped, and after Kanya Bhoj, they should touch their feet and seek their blessings, it is considered very auspicious. On this day, the immersion of Alakshmi is done, that is, one should get up early in the morning and collect the garbage of the house and fill it in a soup and take it outside the house and after bathing, Shri Mahalakshmi should be invoked and worshipped.

On the day of Navami, ‘Dehi Saubhagya Arogya Dehi Me Param Sukham’. Roopam dehi jay dehi yasho dehi dwishojhi ॥’ Havan of the mantra through 108 makhanas brings happiness, good fortune, health, beauty and success from all four directions.

The special mantra of Durga Saptashati on the day of Navami to the marriageable people who are looking for a good wife – ‘Patni Manorama Dehi Manovrittanu Sarinim Tarinindurgasam Sarsagarasya Kulodbhavam.’ Should be chanted 21 times. There is special importance of doing charity on the day of Mahananda Navami.

To get rid of the enemy, mantra- ‘Om Ain Hree Klein Chamundayai Viche. ‘om glau hun clean jun sah jwalay jwalay jwal jwal prajwal prajwal ain hree clean chamundayai viche jwal hun san lan kshan fat swaha.’ By roasting paddy slag i.e. paddy, perform Havan with it. To get financial prosperity, recite Siddhakunjika source on the day of Navami, do Kanya Bhoj and get blessings from them by offering something or the other.

– Pragya Pandey

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