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Make a bad day like this your ‘best day’, follow these tips


Avoid eating unhealthy things when the mood is bad.
To make the day better, sit or walk in the park.

How to make day best: Bad days come in everyone’s life but bad days do not mean bad life at all. Just as getting traffic during the day, computer hang or a client’s complaint does not affect your whole day’s work or you try your best to improve the performance of your team in such a situation, similarly any Bad times or bad days cannot affect your whole life.

According to KellyService, in such a situation, either we keep doing bad things all the time or try to make that day better. You can also make your bad day feel better by making it fun and good, so let’s know what is the right way to make bad times good.

Do these things to make bad times good

be your own cheerleader
If you are not feeling better then it is better to do things that make yourself feel better than to wait for others. Be your own cheerleader and take care of yourself.

write down feelings
If you do not have someone with whom you can tell all the problems or share your feelings, then start writing your feelings in a diary or in a notebook or mobile. You can also delete them later if you want. By doing this the effect of negative feeling on your mind can be reduced.

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eat healthy
Many times people start eating unhealthy things when their mood is bad or they start craving for sweet things. But it would be better if you eat fruits etc. or eat healthy foods at this time.

stay close to nature
To make the day better, you can sit or walk in the nearby park etc. If you want, you can also feel better sitting among the plants in your balcony.

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follow these habits

  • look at the nice and cute things
  • Praise yourself.
  • Take a sip of tea.
  • Celebrate everything that is happening in life.

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