Make organic rose water easily at home except the chemical-rich rose water of the market

Tips to make Rose Water at Home : Talking about skin care products, the name of rose water is remembered first. Rose water i.e. rosewater has been used for a long time for skin care and many other things. Different types of rose water are easily available in the markets, whose price is expensive, but there is no guarantee of their purity or purity. Rose water containing chemicals available from the market can sometimes cause irritation, redness, pimples and skin allergies instead of providing benefits on the skin. Keeping these problems in mind, you can make fresh and organic rose water at your home by following some easy tips. Let us know, the easy method of making rose water at home.
Follow these easy tips to make organic rose water at home:
1. First of all you have to pluck fresh and clean rose flowers from the rose plant. Your flower can be of any color but, red rose is considered the best for making rose water.
2. Collect the plucked rose flowers from the plant, wash them thoroughly with fresh and clean water and dry them by placing the roses on it with the help of a cotton cloth.

3. After drying the flowers a little, separate their petals from the flowers.
4. Now take about two-three cups of filter water or plain water in a vessel and boil it well.
5. After the water comes to a boil, put the rose petals in the water and let it boil again.
6. Let the water boil until the rose petals leave their color, after some time when the petals start turning white, then turn off the flame and leave the water for some time to cool down.
7. After the water cools down, filter it in a bottle and store it in the fridge. Storing it in the fridge keeps the water fresh for a long time.
You can easily make organic and fresh rose water at home by following these few steps.

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