Make restaurant style hot and cold coffee at home, you will not have to go out to taste

How To Make Frothy Coffee At Home, Those who are fond of coffee, they like to make and taste different types of coffee at home. However, there is a lot of difference between home coffee and the coffee available in the market. Whenever we drink good frothy coffee outside, we think that why the taste of coffee outside is so different.

While making coffee at home also, we try to make foamy coffee by following different videos and tips. Actually, the foamy coffee that is made in the coffee shop is made by machine and some special tricks are followed. If you know these tricks, then you can make the same coffee house like coffee at home without a machine. Let us know how to make foamy hot coffee and cold coffee at home.

How to make hot coffee

First of all boil the milk. Then mix some hot water, coffee powder and sugar in the mixer and blend it for 10 seconds. Now take out the boiled milk in the cup and add this coffee mixture to the boiled milk. Now mix it gently with the help of a spoon. Your machine-like frothy coffee is ready. Sprinkle hot chocolate powder on it.

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how to make cold coffee

There is no season to drink cold coffee. People always like to taste it. It is quite easy to make. To make this, you put 1 glass of milk, 2 tablespoons of coffee powder, 2 tablespoons of sugar in a mixer and blend it. Now pour chocolate syrup from the inside of the glass or cup in which you want to drink coffee and add whipped cold coffee to it. Lastly, add chocolate powder and ice on top. Your frothy cold coffee is ready. You can also use ice cream to enhance its taste.

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Tips for making the perfect coffee

Use 1/4 cup of water to make 2 cups of coffee.
When the milk boils, only then add coffee and water to it.
Do not beat milk and coffee together to make frothy coffee.
Put all the things in the mixer and blend it once.
Always use fresh milk to make hot or cold coffee.

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