Mangalwar ke totke: If you are troubled by debt and family discord, then do this remedy on Tuesday, you will get benefits soon

According to Hindu religion, if Mars is in a bad position in a person’s horoscope, then he has to face many problems. To make Mars good, you can get rid of the problem by adopting these measures every Tuesday.

In Hinduism, every day is dedicated to one or the other deity. Tuesday is considered dedicated to Hanumanji and Mangal Dev, the commander of the planets. According to astrology, the nature of Mangal Dev is fierce. On the other hand, when the position of Mars is good in the horoscope, positivity remains in a person’s life and he gets happiness, prosperity and peace in life. But when the position of Mars is not good in the horoscope. Then one has to face problems like hardships, accidents and family discord. However, in astrology, some remedies and tricks have been told to strengthen Mars. By doing these measures happiness and peace comes in a person’s life. Along with this, when Mars is good, one gets relief from the problems of blame, fear, crisis, disease and health etc.

mangal dosha

According to astrology, the person who has Mars defect. Tie a coconut in a red cloth and keep it in a river or Hanuman temple on Tuesday. This should be done continuously till 7 Tuesdays. By doing this remedy on Tuesday, the position of Mars in a person’s horoscope gets strengthened and Mangal Dosh also goes away.

peace in the family

For happiness and peace in the family, sweets should be fed every Tuesday after taking the blessings of the elder brother of the house. If you do not have an elder brother, then you can take the blessings of someone like elder brother. The influence of Mars remains in the elder brother and the blessings of the elder brother are considered to be the blessings of Mangal Dev himself. By doing this, along with maintaining brotherhood, happiness and peace remains in the family.

Do this remedy on 21 Tuesday

On Tuesday, one should go to Hanumanji’s temple and visit him and offer jaggery, gram and boondi. Apart from this, jaggery and gram should be fed to monkeys. By doing this till 21st Tuesday, along with economic prosperity, new paths of progress in life are paved.

remedies for wealth prosperity

Red cow should be fed bread on Tuesday. Apart from this, light a lamp of jasmine oil in the Hanuman temple. While lighting the lamp, keep in mind that the light in the lamp should be of red colour. If there is no red light, then put a little vermilion in it. After this, Hanuman Bahuk and Sunderkand should be recited while sitting at one place. By doing this regularly for 21 days, auspicious yoga of wealth and prosperity is created and all kinds of fears are removed.

Remedies for Manglik Dosh

According to astrology, wrap a piece of jaggery in roti and feed it to a red cow on Tuesday. By doing this remedy, Manglik Dosh is removed and the person gets progress in the field of work. Serving cows and monkeys on Tuesday strengthens the position of Mars in the horoscope. By doing this, all the problems of a person’s life also go away.

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