Meerut Gold Price: Gold and silver will be sold at Sunday price only, know today’s rate

Vishal Bhatnagar / Meerut. Due to the weekly bandh, Meerut bullion market has not released any new rate regarding gold and silver jewellery. Obviously, in such a situation, gold and silver will be sold today only at the rate of Sunday. Let us tell you that the weekly closure of Meerut bullion market is on Monday. Meerut bullion trader Shivam Agarwal says that new countries will be determined only after the market opens on Tuesday. Despite this, you will find gold and silver shops open in many prestigious markets of the city, from where you can make purchases. Let us inform that on the lines of Sunday, the price of 24 carat gold per 10 grams is Rs 61,800 on Monday as well. While the price of 24 carat gold per 10 grams on Saturday was Rs 62,500, on Friday June 2 this rate was Rs 62,200 and on Thursday June 1 this rate was Rs 62,400 per 10 grams.

If you buy 22 carat related gold jewellery, then for that you will have to pay the rate of Rs 56,558 per 10 grams. 46,275 for 18 carat, Rs 35,991 for 14 carat. On Saturday, 22 carat gold was sold for Rs 57,291 per 10 grams, 18 carat for Rs 46,875 and 14 carat for Rs 36,458.

If you want to buy silver also, then you will have to pay Rs 73,900 per kg for that. On Saturday, an increase of 1300 was seen in the rate of silver, after which the price of silver has reached 74,900 per kg. On Friday also, with an increase of Rs 300, the price of silver was Rs 73600 per kg. On Thursday too, silver was sold at Rs 73,300 per kg with a jump of Rs 1,400.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 05, 2023, 10:38 IST

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