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mg motor upcoming ev electric car to india is the official ride at g20 summit in indonesia


Wuling Air EV based MG Motor will launch EV in India.
It looks very similar to the Eas-E Micro EV.
Wooling claims that the smaller battery gives a range of up to 200 km.

New Delhi. MG Motor’s upcoming electric car is being used as an official ride at the ongoing G20 Summit in Indonesia. The carmaker has shared pictures of the micro electric car, the Wuling Air EV. Based on the Wuling Air EV, MG Motor will develop its next electric car for India.

About 300 Air EVs have been deployed in Bali to transport representatives and other officials from G20 countries in Indonesia. The special thing is that the electric car has been specially designed in a special color for this event only. The Wuling Air EVs deployed at Summit have two different designs. First, red and orange, which symbolize freedom, friendship and peace. Second, with blue, which symbolizes the diversity of Indonesia.

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Electric car will come with a new name in India
The upcoming electric car in India will be based on the Wuling Air EV, which is currently sold in Indonesia. The compact EV in India has been given the codename E230 and it is expected that it will not be called the Air EV. Instead MG will use a new name for the car.

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This car will be like PMV electric car
The size of the upcoming MG Motor electric car is likely to be similar to the Wuling Air EV. It is expected to be around 2,974 mm in length, 1,505 mm in width and 1,631 mm in height and wheelbase will be 2,010 mm. It will be smaller than the Tiago EV and will be very similar to the recently launched Eas-E micro EV from PMV Electric.

When will the car be launched in India
Wuling offers the Air EV with two battery packs, including a 17.3 kWh unit and a larger 26.7 kWh unit. Wooling claims that the smaller battery gives a range of up to 200 km, while the bigger battery gives a range of up to 300 km. Both the battery packs get an electric motor on the rear axle. MG Motor India has announced that they will launch the Wuling Air EV-based electric vehicle in January next year. It is expected to be displayed during the Auto Expo to be held in Delhi this month.

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