Microsoft laid off its employees, know why job opportunities in tech companies are decreasing


Microsoft has laid off about 1,000 employees across multiple divisions, including Xbox and Edge Teams.
According to Crunchbase, more than 32,000 employees were cut in the US tech sector by the end of July.
Recently, other companies have also cut jobs due to reasons like the global economic slowdown and rising inflation.

New Delhi. US-based tech giant Microsoft is reportedly laying off nearly 1,000 employees across divisions, including its Xbox and Edge teams. The layoffs affected less than 1 percent of Microsoft’s 221,000 employees. In fact, media reports quoting sources claim that Microsoft employees are being laid off.

At the same time, even before this, Microsoft had told in July that a small number of positions in the company have been abolished and it will increase the number of its employees. Microsoft said in a statement that, “We had a small number of roles today. Like all companies, we regularly review our business priorities and adjust the structure of the company accordingly.”

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Signs of job loss amid global recession
In the midst of the global economic slowdown, Microsoft is a sign of the company’s layoffs, cutting jobs or reducing hiring in American tech companies. According to Crunchbase, by the end of July, the US tech sector has largely cut more than 32,000 employees.

Analysts say that we have included both startups based in the US and companies doing business in the public sector. We have also included companies based elsewhere like Klarna, which have a large team in the US.

These companies are also laying off employees
Apart from Microsoft, many tech companies including Meta Platforms Inc., Twitter Inc. and Snap Inc. have also cut jobs and stopped hiring in recent months due to global economic slowdown and rising inflation. Snap announced in August that it was planning to cut about 20 percent of its global full-time workforce.

These companies also reduced hiring
Apart from laying off employees in many big tech companies, other companies like Apple, Oracle, Google have also announced hiring freeze for the coming months. Let us tell you, Microsoft launched its new Microsoft Surface lineup a few days back with products like Surface Laptop 5, Surface 9 Pro tablet, Studio 2+ and many more. The company will announce its financial results for the second financial quarter on October 25.

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