Microsoft Layoffs: The process of layoffs is not stopping, GitHub fired the entire team at once, how many people will be affected?


GitHub showed the entire engineering team the way out.
More than 100 employees of the company will be affected by this decision.
The company cited its growth as the reason behind the move.

New Delhi. Microsoft’s company GitHub has shown the way out to its entire engineering team in India. Earlier, Microsoft itself has laid off 10,000 employees. GitHub had the second largest engineering team in India after the US. This decision will affect more than 100 employees. According to reports, the company has said in this matter that this decision has been taken under the reorganization plan. GitHub hinted at massive layoffs in February.

The company has called it a very difficult but necessary decision. He says that this step has been taken keeping in mind that the money can be invested in the right place. GitHub said in February that it would reduce its workforce by 10 percent.

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CEO sent email
GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke (GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke) has emailed employees. According to the email, this difficult decision has been taken to take the company forward. Along with this, he has also said that the company is not going to do any new hiring. Let us tell you that before the retrenchment, GitHub had 3000 employees. GitHub is an open source developer platform. There are about 1 crore developers on this platform in India. At the same time, their number is around 100 million in the world.

What is the meaning of open source developer
GitHub helps developers maintain their code. It is a cloud based service. Apart from this, the track record of whatever changes he is making in his code is also visible on GitHub. This makes it easier for developers to develop any software. GitHub works on two main principles. One is version control and the other is Git. Version control allows developers to manage code and track changes. Git is an open source version control system. This means that whatever codebase is there will be present on every developer’s system. Git was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005. GitHub provides service to developers by combining these two principles together.

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