Mobile addiction is very bad… Billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra was disappointed after seeing this cartoon, put down the phone by tweeting


Anand Mahindra said- This is a seriously disappointing cartoon.
In this cartoon, 3 elders are looking at their empty as if they have a phone.
Users commented on Anand Mahindra’s tweet regarding mobile addiction.

New Delhi. Country’s famous industrialist Anand Mahindra remains very active on social media. Through his tweets, he praises the hidden talents across the country and encourages them, sometimes he tries to give a social message with his words, but this time he has expressed his disappointment through tweets and has warned people about the increasing use of smartphones. Warned about the trend and the damage caused by it.

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has shared a cartoon regarding mobile addiction and expressed his disappointment. Many users have given their reactions on this tweet of Anand Mahindra.

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‘I will try to keep my neck straight’
Actually, Anand Mahindra has shared this cartoon on Twitter and he has written that it is a seriously depressing cartoon. This has forced me to put the phone down. After doing this tweet, I have decided that I will put my phone down. He also wrote that on Sunday, make sure that the neck remains straight and the day is spent with the head up.

A picture of a hospital has been given in this cartoon in which three elderly people are looking down with their empty hands as if they are holding a mobile. But there is no mobile in his hand but he is empty.

Fear of many mental and physical disorders due to mobile addiction
In fact, an attempt has been made to tell through this cartoon that we have become so busy in mobile and laptop that our body has bowed down and we never even try to lift our neck. If the situation remains like this, then when we go to the hospital, we will be there in this condition. This post of Anand Mahindra is going viral.

Often, from time to time, we come across such research which warns about the harmful effects of excessive use of smartphones. Nowadays, small children can be seen holding smartphones in their hands when they are watching a video or playing a game. This trend is disturbing.

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