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Mogra, which makes the atmosphere pleasant, is very delicate, take proper care like this


Mogra plant needs more nutrients.
The plant needs more sunlight to grow.
Mogra plant can be watered twice a day.

Proper Care Of Mogra – Mogra not only looks beautiful, but the whole house smells of its fragrance. Many flowers bloom in a small plant of Mogra. Mogra plant is very delicate, which is easily planted but it is very important to take proper care of it. Many people are troubled by the fact that the plant of mogra has been planted but sometimes it gives flowers or sometimes the plant does not flower even after planting well. Many people keep the plant in the shade to protect it from the sun. Growing the mogra plant requires the right sunlight and fertilizer, which people are not aware of. Let us know how to save the delicate Mogra plant.

use organic manure
To keep the mogra plant safe, organic manure should be used. Mogra plant is a heavy feeder which requires many nutrients to grow. Add cow dung or vermicompost mixed with soil to the plant. Fertilizer should be applied to the plant every month.

keep the plant in the sun
Mogra plant requires more sunlight to grow. The plant can be kept in the sun all day. Mogra is a heavy feeder which needs more food to grow. Proper sunlight will provide the necessary nutrients to the plant.

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don’t let the soil dry out
To save the mogra plant from dying, it is necessary that it should be watered properly. The soil of Mogra dries up quickly, so water should be given to the plant twice a day. The plant of Mogra stays in the sun throughout the day, due to which its soil dries up quickly. Whenever the plant feels dry, water can also be sprinkled on it.

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cut from time to time
Cutting plays an important role in growing any plant. Mogra plant is very delicate, so it needs proper care. It is necessary to prune the dried leaves and twigs of the plant from time to time. For this, little cuttings of the plant can be done every 15 days. This will help the plant to grow. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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