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Most electric vehicles will be made in India, will supply to the whole world, the need for petrol and diesel will end


This has been claimed in the report of the University of California and Berkeley Lab.
The country will be able to meet the target of zero gas emissions by 2070.
Electric trucks will play an important role in enhancing India’s energy security.

New Delhi. India has the potential to reach the top in the world in terms of production of electric vehicles. This has been revealed recently in a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles and Berkeley Lab. The report suggests that if India were to convert diesel-powered trucks to electric trucks, the country would be able to meet the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070.

The report says that India can become a world leader in the production of electric vehicles. At present, India imports 88 percent of the oil it uses. Cargo trucks use about 60 percent of the total petroleum consumed by the country’s transportation sector.

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Dependence on imported oil will also be reduced
A study by the Department of Energy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California has shown that electric trucks will be more economical to run than diesel. Research shows that this change can also help India reduce dependence on imported oil. It will also help improve air quality across the country and meet the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070, the study said.

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Goods transportation cost will also be reduced
“Electric trucks will play an important role in increasing India’s energy security and reducing freight transportation costs,” said Nikit Abhyankar, research scientist at Berkeley Lab and author of the report. Based on India’s current grid emissions, electric trucks will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent per kilometer to nine percent compared to diesel trucks, the report said.

Government will have to do this work
“Earlier India has launched very ambitious electrification policies,” said Deepak Rajagopal, author of the report and faculty scientist at Berkeley Lab and UCLA. Rajagopal said in a statement issued by Berkeley Lab, “It has come to the fore that now the time has come to include trucks in India as well in these policies.”

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