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Most infamous country in the world where women are not safe

Silence on Violence (Silence on Violence). For years, women have been doing this that ‘if something happens’, they have to remain silent. It can be anything- rape, assault, abuse, social inequality or ‘something else’ towards women. Men from all over the world have been oppressing women in the guise of becoming ‘men’ and are continuing to perpetrate them and then on one day i.e. 25 November we celebrate ‘Women’s Violence Elimination Day’. Shameful! South Africa – Every year about 5 lakh women are victims of rape. According to the report of the Tears Foundation and the Medical Research Council of South Africa, every year 40 percent of women in the country have been victims of rape at some point in their lives. It is also mentioned in the report that only one rape complaint out of 9 is registered, for the rest they are silenced, or those women bear it silently. Men and children also become victims of rape in South Africa. The children who are raped are less than 11 years of age.



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