Most of the deaths are due to these 10 diseases in the world. Heart disease ‘super killer’

Leading Causes of Death Across the Globe: In today’s era, the havoc of diseases is continuously increasing. A large number of people are dying due to diseases. If you look at the figures of the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2019, about 5.54 crore people died due to different diseases in the world. Apart from Kovid-19, many diseases are killing people every year. Do you know which diseases are becoming the biggest cause of death? Today we will tell you about those 10 diseases, which cause death every year.

Know top 5 killer diseases

WHO report According to the report, after the year 2000, the graph of deaths due to heart disease is increasing. At present, ischemic heart disease is the biggest cause of death. In the year 2019, 5.54 crore people died due to different diseases, in which 16% of the deaths were due to heart disease. The increase in this figure is worrying. At this time heart disease can be called the biggest killer. Stroke is at number two and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at number three. Lower respiratory infection at number four and New Natal condition at number five.

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These diseases are also included in the list of top 10

Broncas and lung cancer are on the sixth number in this list. Alzheimer’s and dementia are at number seven. Diarrheal condition at number eight, diabetes mellitus at number nine and kidney disease at number ten. These 10 diseases have killed the maximum number of people in the last few years. The number of patients of these diseases is also increasing rapidly, which is a sign of danger. People need to get proper treatment for these diseases in time.

Heart attack cases on the rise

In the last few months, the cases of heart attack have also increased rapidly in the country. Many celebrities have also lost their lives due to heart attack and cardiac arrest. According to experts, many things including spoiled lifestyle, wrong eating, smoking are responsible for increasing heart attack. In the desire to build a body in the gym, using all the supplements can also prove to be harmful for heart health. That’s why everyone should get their health checkup done from time to time and the disease should be treated at the very beginning.

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