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Multibagger Share: What is the secret of this tire stock’s stormy boom? Once the price was Rs 841, now it is beyond 84 thousand


The stock of MRF has gained more than 11 per cent this year.
At present, the stock is available at a discount of 12 per cent from its high.
In the last one year, the stock has climbed from 63 thousand to the level of 84 thousand.

Mumbai. Shares of Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) have filled the lap of investors by giving bumper returns. The stock of this tire maker has given investors about 9800 percent returns in the last 20 years. With this, there was a tremendous increase in the share price and now the price of one stock has reached close to one lakh rupees. It is the most expensive stock in the country in the Indian stock market.

The stock of MRF has gained more than 11 per cent this year. The current price of the stock is Rs 82297.70. The market cap of Madras Rubber Factory is Rs 34,903.63 crore. In October 2002, the price of one share of MRF was Rs 841.10 but today after twenty years its price has increased to Rs 84250. If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in MRF shares 20 years ago, then today he would have got around Rs 98 lakh.

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Excellent returns given even in short duration
Not only this, this tire stock has given great returns to the investors in a short span of time. In February this year, this stock was trading at a year’s low of Rs 63 thousand, from there it has risen by Rs 21 thousand, now this stock is at a price of Rs 84 thousand.

By September 15, the stock had risen by 49 per cent to Rs 93887, which is a record 52-week high of this stock. However, after this the movement of the stock has softened a bit and it is getting at a discount of 12 percent from its high.

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Let us tell you that MRF is a leading tire manufacturer in the country. It manufactures tires for two wheelers and trucks. According to the financial data of the companies available on the Bombay Stock Exchange, in the first quarter of the current financial year, the company’s net profit declined on a quarterly basis but revenue increased.

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