Multibagger Stock: Chocolate company’s share is dissolving the sweetness of profits, money tripled in 1 month

New Delhi. In the stock market, it is never known which stock to sell to whom. Here, in a very short span of time, some stocks have filled investors’ pockets with money. The stock of Lotus Chocolate Share, a chocolate making company, is also filling up in the last one month. This Multibagger Share has been a continuous upper circuit hit for a long time. Yesterday i.e. on Wednesday, this stock closed at Rs 295.15 with a gain of 5 per cent. This is the new 52 week high of this stock. In a month, this stock has gained 177 percent.

It is not that the stock has gained momentum now. This stock has been giving good returns to the investors for a long time. In 1 year, it has doubled the money of the investors, so in the last five years, this stock has given 500% return to the investors. The market capitalization of the company is Rs 379 crore. The 52 week low of this multibagger stock is Rs 81.90.

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The reason for the recent rise in the company’s shares is the purchase of stake by Reliance Consumer Products Limited and Reliance Retail Limited. Ever since the news of the investment in Lotus Chocolate by these two companies came to the fore, the company’s shares have gained a lot and investors are investing heavily in it. This is the reason why it has been continuously hitting the upper circuit for some time now.

Investors got multibagger returns
Shares of Lotus Chocolates have been giving good returns to the investors for a long time. In the last five years, this stock has given 500 percent profit to the investors. On February 2, 2018, the share price was Rs 49.15, which has now increased to Rs 295.15. At the same time, in the last one year, this stock has given 134 per cent return to the investors. Similarly, in the last 6 months, investors have made 163 percent profit. Similarly, in the last one month, the share of Lotus Chocolate has given a return of 177 per cent.

Rs 1 lakh became 6 lakh
If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of Lotus Chocolate five years ago, then today his investor has taken the form of Rs 600,508. Similarly, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this share a month ago, then today his money has increased to Rs 277,788.

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