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Multibagger Stock: This stock has put ‘heap’ of money in 4 years, this stock should also be in your portfolio


National Standard India was earlier named as National Standard Duncan Limited.
National Standard India was acquired by the Lodha Group in 2011.
It has given multibagger returns to investors in the last four years.

New Delhi. The ups and downs in the Indian stock market have been going on for a long time. However, the Indian market remains strong as compared to other markets. If we talk about the real estate sector, then it is going under pressure for many years. But, some stocks in this sector have also given excellent returns to the investors. The share of National Standard India Limited is also a multibagger stock. In the last 4 years itself, it has made a big difference to its investors.

Shares of National Standard India closed at Rs 4,966.45 on BSE on Tuesday, October 25. When this stock was listed on BSE on June 3, 2018, its price was just Rs 21.90. In this way, in the last 4 years, this stock has given a bumper return of about 22,577.85 percent to its investors.

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10 percent increase in a month
According to a report by Moneycontrol, if we talk about the recent performance of National Standard India shares, it has gained about 10 percent in the last one month. The stock has lost 2.40 per cent in the last 6 months. Similarly, since the beginning of the year 2022, its shares have come down by about 47 percent. The market capitalization of National Standard India is 9.93 thousand crores.

2.26 crores made of 1 lakh
If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of National Standard on June 23, 2018, about 4 years ago, and had kept his investment till now, then today his value of Rs 1 lakh would have become about Rs 2.26 crore. . Similarly, if an investor had invested only 50 thousand rupees in this stock at that time, he would have been getting Rs 1.12 crore today.

Company Profile
National Standard was established in August 1962. Earlier its name was National Standard Duncan Limited. It was acquired by the Lodha Group in May 2011. Since then it is part of the Lodha Group. The company makes residential projects keeping in mind the higher and upper middle class customers.

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