Myositis: Actress Samantha Ruth is suffering from serious disease myositis, know its symptoms and treatment

Myositis symptoms and causes: South’s famous actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who made her place in the audience of North India with her strong performance in Family Man-2, has myositis. Samantha Ruth is treating myositis with Ayurveda method. Samantha Ruth has shared her experience about myositis on social media. Since the beginning of this year, Samantha Ruth is troubled due to myositis. Samantha is facing excruciating pain due to myositis. According to India Glits, Samantha Ruth is currently in Hyderabad for treatment of myositis, where she is undergoing treatment from an expert in Ayurveda through traditional Ayurveda method. According to the report, Samantha Ruth is being given rejuvenation and immunity boosting therapy.

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what is myositis
According to the British Health Ministry’s website NHS, myositis is a rare condition occurring in the body. There are many types of myositis. Mainly in myositis, the muscles become very weak and there is a lot of pain in them. When myositis occurs, the patient starts staggering while walking. Sometimes it can also fall. Feels extremely tired even on standing. Actually, myositis is caused by the immune system itself. In some situations, the body’s immune system, which is called the immune system, starts damaging its own healthy cells. That’s why this type of condition is called autoimmune condition.

types of myositis
There are many types of myositis. Many muscles of the body are affected in polymyositis. Especially shoulder, hips and Thai. Generally this condition is more in women. Muscles are also affected in dermatomyositis and due to this rashes appear on the skin. This also happens mostly in women, especially in teenage girls. Whereas in inclusion body myositis, the thigh becomes very weak. Apart from this, the muscles of the wrist and the muscles below the knee are affected. This condition is more common in men.

Symptoms of myositis
In all the three types of myositis, the muscles become very weak. In the condition of polymyositis, there is a lot of pain in the muscles and there is always fatigue. There is difficulty in sitting there and there is a fear of falling while standing. There is a problem of swelling in this. The mind remains sad and the patient becomes a victim of depression. On the other hand, in dermatomyositis, apart from all the symptoms of polymyositis, there are also rashes. In this, red, purple or dark rashes start happening before the muscles become weak.

What is the treatment? Treating myositis
Exercise is the best for the treatment of myositis. Different types of exercises are necessary for different myositis with the help of physiotherapy. Apart from this, doctors also treat polymyositis and dermatomyositis by giving steroids. In some cases anti-rheumatic drugs are given. Apart from this, immunoglobulin therapy is given. Healthy antibodies are injected in this so that the bad antibodies that are damaging the immune system can be stopped. However, all these therapies or medicines should be taken only under the supervision of doctors.

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