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National Cancer Awareness Day 2022: Why and when is ‘National Cancer Awareness Day’ celebrated, know here


National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated on 7 November.
The purpose of this day is to spread awareness about cancer.

National Cancer Awareness Day 2022: Cancer is a very dangerous and deadly disease and it is spreading rapidly, so every year 7 November is celebrated as ‘National Cancer Awareness Day 2022’ in India. On this day people are made aware about cancer. Things related to the treatment of cancer are promoted. According to the World Health Organization, about 10 million people died this year due to cancer alone and therefore cancer is becoming the number one cause of death. Breast cancer, prostate cancer are one of the most common cancers. Keeping these things in mind, the importance of Cancer Awareness Day increases even more. Let’s know about Cancer Awareness Day.

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Importance of National Cancer Awareness Day
In 2014, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare started celebrating National Cancer Awareness Day in September.
Realizing the need to catch this deadly disease in time, he started this day.
On this day free screening is provided to people in government hospitals and municipal clinics.
This day is celebrated on the birthday of Nobel Prize winning scientist Madame Curie, to remember her great contribution in fighting cancer.

what can be the cure
There are many different treatments for cancer and the treatment depends on how far the cancer has spread in the person’s body and in which stage it is.
Treatment options like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy etc. are done in the treatment of cancer.
The method of cancer treatment also depends on the health of the patient and his family history.
If cancer is caught in the early stages, it can be cured quite easily.

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