Nautapa started in auspicious yoga, considered beneficial for monsoon, take special care of 5 things, know everything


In Nautpa, the sun’s rays directly affect the earth.
Worshiping Sun God in Nautapa is also beneficial.

Nautapa 2023 Time and Date : Nautapa is very important not only from the religious point of view but also from the scientific point of view. Nautpa sun is extremely hot, whose heat is directly visible on the earth. Nautpe has started from 25 May 2023. During this, the scorching heat not only harms humans but also other living beings present on the earth. In Nautpa, the sun will rain fierce fire at its peak. To avoid this, everyone should make adequate arrangements. Delhi resident Astrologer Acharya Pandit Alok Pandya Telling us the religious and scientific importance of Nautpa.

What is Nautapa?

According to astrology, when the Sun God, who is called the king of the planets, enters Rohini Nakshatra in the first month, the temperature of the earth increases a lot. Due to which its deep impact is seen not only on human beings but also on all the living beings present on the earth. Surya Dev will stay in Rohini Nakshatra for the whole 14 days. In this, the heat will be at its peak for the first 9 days, these 9 days the earth will be very hot, that is why it is called Nautapa.

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How long is Nautpa till when?

Nautpe of the year 2023 has started from 25 May 2023 at 1:16 pm. Sun God has entered Moon’s Nakshatra Rohini. It will end on June 8, 2023 at 6:40 am. Its effect will be seen for the whole 14 days and it will be very hot for the first 9 days.

Nautpa in auspicious yoga

According to astrology, Sun’s entry into Rohini Nakshatra is taking place in Guru Pushya Yoga. Guru Pushya Yoga is considered very auspicious. According to astrologer’s calculations, it is also being estimated that in the year 2023, due to the effect of Nautapa, there may be good rains. According to popular beliefs, it is said that in the year when there is a lot of heat in Nautapa, it rains heavily that year.

Nautapa’s Scientific Approach

According to meteorology, the sun’s rays directly affect the earth in Nautapa. Due to which there is severe heat which evaporates the sea water very fast and forms clouds. Due to this, there is a possibility of good rains during the monsoon.

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What to do in Nautapa?

1. It is considered very auspicious to make an idol of Lord Brahma with flour and worship it during Nautapa.
2. In the scriptures, donating sattu, fan, water, fruits and pots to the needy and poor people during Nautapa is considered very beneficial and auspicious.
3. Worshiping Sun God in Nautapa is also beneficial.
4. Arranging water for animals and birds during Nautpe is considered auspicious.
5. Avoid spicy food during this time and eat seasonal fruits and cold things.

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