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Navratri 2022 Day 4 Puja: Worship Maa Kushmanda like this on the fourth day of Navratri, know the auspicious color

Shardiya Navratri 2022 4th Day Maa Kushmanda: Maa Kushmanda, the fourth form of Adishakti Bhavani, is worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri. It is said that Maa Kushmanda is considered to be the presiding deity of the solar system. By the grace of Goddess Kushmanda, the seeker gets the power to fight diseases, mourning and all the defects. Maa Kushmanda will be worshiped on 29 September 2022.

Who is Maa Kushmanda

Maa Kushmanda is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi. In his hands bow, arrow, chakra, mace, nectar urn, lotus and kamandal are adorned. It is said that before the creation of the world, when there was a thick darkness all around, then the universe was created from this form of the Goddess. Maa Kushmanda means the potted fruit from which petha is made. Goddess Kushmanda is very pleased by sacrificing Kumhra.

Maa Kushmanda Puja Vidhi

Wear yellow clothes in the worship of Maa Kushmanda. At the time of worship, apply yellow sandalwood to the goddess. Offer Kumkum, Mauli, Akshat. Now take some saffron in a betel leaf and offer it to the goddess while chanting the mantra Om Brihaspate Namah. Now chant a rosary of the mantra Om Kushmandaai Namah and recite Durga Saptashati or Siddha Kunjika Stotra. Especially unmarried women must do these measures, as they will get a suitable groom.

Maa Kushmanda bhog

Offer Malpua to Maa Kushmanda. This will increase intellect, fame and increase in decision making ability. Diseases are destroyed. After offering Malpua, eat it yourself and donate it to the Brahmin.

Navratri 2022 Chauth Day Color (Navratri 4th Day Color)

Yellow color is very dear to Maa Kushmanda. On this day, offer yellow clothes, yellow bangles, yellow sweets to the goddess in worship.

Maa Kushmanda Flower’s favorite flower

Goddess Kushmanda is very fond of Yellow Lotus. It is believed that on offering it to the Goddess, the seeker is blessed with good health.

Maa Kushmanda Mantra

  1. Beej Mantra – Kushmanda: Aim Hree Devyai Namah:
  2. Worship Mantra – Om Kushmandayai Namah:
  3. Meditation Mantra – Vande desired Kamarthe Chandraghakrit Shekram. Sinhrudha Octabhuja Kushmanda Yashaswanimŗ••

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