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Toxic Relationship: Passion to get anything is a good thing, but when it comes to life and death, then again you need to think about it. Especially the people who are passionate in love after a time get involved in lies, deceit and cheating and later they are ready to go to any extent in their insistence to get their partner. A good relationship should start with the fact that nothing should be hidden between a couple. Because the foundation of any relationship should be based on honesty. And there are some couples who always hide things from each other.

The urge to know everything about the partner should not make you sad

There are such couples who want to know everything about each other. Sometimes doing this can also distance you from your partner.  Due to this many times a fight also happens between two people. Not only this, both remain insecure about each other, due to which both do not even trust each other and always feel that the person in front is cheating on me.

Once doubt, lies, mistrust comes in your relationship, then understand that your relationship is going to end soon. Once insecurity and mistrust comes in your mind regarding your partner, then understand that your relationship has started to weaken. Don’t let trying to know everything about the partner make you sad. That’s why always set a limit in your relationship and think in your mind that beyond this line I never want to ask any question.

While being in a relationship, you are also doing such things then…

It depends on you in which direction you are taking your relationship. You should never lose your individuality while in a relationship. There are many people who come into a relationship and then just keep worrying about their partner all day that what he or she is doing? Many times it happens that you know everything about your partner but still you are not able to separate yourself from him or say that your passion is that I have to have it and be with him.  In such a situation, your difficulties may increase in the coming time. It is possible that because of this activity of yours, your partner may go away from you. 

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