Never believe 5 rumors about Heart, know the truth; always be alert

Misinformation about heart health: Heart is the most important part of the body. If there is no heart in the body then life is over. Heart purifies the impure blood from the whole body and pumps the pure blood to the whole body. That’s why heart is called pumping machine. Blood reaches the heart through the arteries and then through the blood vessels it reaches the rest of the body. It is very important for the arteries to be healthy, but due to sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits, today most of the people suffer from heart problems. In fact, when dirty cholesterol or other substances start accumulating in the arteries, then it starts blocking the arteries. Due to this blockage, blood does not reach the heart properly. Its worst result comes in the form of heart attack, cardiac arrest, heart failure and stroke. Healthy diet and exercise are very important to make the heart healthy, but in our society, rumors are often spread about the health of the heart, which causes more damage.

rumors about heart

1. Heart checkup should be done only after 40It has been said in the news of TOI that it is often heard from people saying that heart disease occurs only after 40 years. That’s why there is no point in getting the heart checked before this. The American Heart Association says that cholesterol testing should be done from the age of 20. Although children of 9 years also need a lipid profile test. Dr. Praveen Kulkarni of Global Hospital Mumbai says that once at the age of 9 the lipit test should be done. After this, this test is also necessary at the age of 17 to 20 years.

2. Only chest pain is a sign of heart disease-Chest pain is not the only sign of heart disease. Apart from chest pain, jaw and neck pain can also be signs of heart attack. At the same time, a heart attack can occur without any symptoms. That’s why always be alert.

3. Heart protection from diabetes medicine-Diabetes and heart related complications are linked to each other. Many of the risks of diabetes are also risks of heart disease. Diabetes medicine controls blood sugar and can also reduce the risk of heart disease, but it will not completely protect you from all types of heart related conditions.

4. If you have heart problem, eat only boiled food.– As soon as a person gets treated for heart problems, he is told from all around that now you should only eat bold cheeses. It is forbidden to eat oil, spices, salt. After having heart problems, intake of saturated fat, hydrogenated fat and trans fat should really be stopped, but it does not mean that only boiled food should be eaten.

5. Small heart attack is not a serious problem- Heart attack can never be measured as small or big. It is very important to find a solution for heart attack no matter which way it comes. Doctors advice should always be followed after a heart attack.

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