New threat to SBI-HDFC Bank customers! Scammers are sending such a link, they are forced to click, then money is lost from the account

New Delhi. The cases of cyber fraud are increasing day by day in the country, in such a situation it is very important for you to be alert otherwise one wrong click can make you poor. Nowadays, many cases of cheating people are coming to the fore through fake SMS. The thugs are trying to loot people’s hard earned money. Customers of major banks like HDFC Bank and SBI are getting affected.

However, banks always advise their customers to be alert and avoid such messages. Scammers who send fraudulent messages that appear to be from the banks themselves. They ask people to update their account details or PAN card information.

Thugs are sending messages like this
HDFC Bank customers are getting this message from the thugs – “Update KYC for HDFC Account immediately! Please update it by clicking otherwise your account will be blocked Thank you.”

HDFC told how to identify fake messages
HDFC Bank wrote in a tweet that customers protect themselves from fraud! Always check that HDFC Bank messages come from official ID HDFCBK/HDFCBN & links and links start with Do not click on the link in the message coming from unknown numbers, in which or request for PAN / KYC update or other banking information has come. The bank has told its customers how they can differentiate between genuine and fake messages.

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