No matter how much you eat less or go to the gym, this tension will never allow obesity, know the simple formula from the doctor


The right balance of physical activity, diet, sleep and stress free life can reduce obesity.
By sweating in the gym, the muscles will grow and the weight will not decrease.

Weight Loss Tips by Dr. Shrihari Anikhindi: Obesity is a problem for the whole world today. According to WHO, about 2 billion people are overweight. Exercise is considered the easiest way to reduce obesity. But experts say that going to the gym to reduce weight does not provide any significant benefit. Dr. Sri Hari Anikhindi, Consultant, Institute of Gastroenterology and Pancreatic Biliary Sciences at Sir Gangaram Hospital, says that there is no need to go to the gym to exercise to lose weight, but it helps to increase the growth of muscles in the gym. If you want to lose weight, then physical activity is necessary for you, but along with this, attention needs to be paid to 3 other factors simultaneously.

Dr. Srihari Anikhindi told News18 that four things are needed to lose weight – physical activity, diet, adequate sleep and a stress-free life. He said that if you exercise a lot and are eating very little food but there is a lot of stress in your life, then diet and exercise are also of no use. Therefore, if there is a lot of stress, anxiety in your life, then it has to be diagnosed first, only then the plan to lose weight will be successful.

why weight does not decrease
Dr. Srihari Anikhindi says that there are two types of fat stored in the body. Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat resides under the skin which acts as a cushion to the internal organs of the body. That’s why there is no special harm from this, but visceral fat is the fat under the stomach which is very dangerous. Visceral fat is responsible for most of the obesity in India. Visceral fat causes metabolic diseases like Diabetes, BP, Thyroid, PCOD. Many factors are responsible for increasing visceral fat, but mainly consumption of fat and carbohydrate instead of protein, lack of physical activity, not getting enough sleep and taking too much stress are responsible for obesity.

How responsible are stress hormones
Dr. Srihari Anikhindi told that stress hormones have a big role in increasing obesity. When you take stress, stress hormones like cortisol, catecholamine will start releasing more. When stress goes untreated for too long, it turns into chronic stress. Cortisol increases the antidiuretic hormone, due to which the risk of fluid retention and puffiness in the body increases. When the amount of cortisol increases in the body, the function of thyroid and insulin gets disturbed. Due to this, metabolism and digestion slow down and eventually obesity starts increasing. High cortisol reduces the absorption of minerals. Due to this, insulin resistance starts and even when insulin is present in the body, it is of no use. This insulin then starts turning into fat. On the other hand, another stress hormone catecholamine increases the storage of fat in adipose tissue. The meaning of all this is that no matter how much exercise you do or how little you eat, if there is stress then obesity will not reduce.

then how to lose weight
Dr. Srihari Anikhindi told that it is very easy to reduce obesity. He said that the things which increase obesity, first control those things. Dr. Srihari told that obesity will be reduced by managing four things. For this the first is –physical activities. Do brisk exercise for 45 minutes to an hour at least 5 days a week. Which includes walking at a speed of 6 hours per kilometer. Apart from this, do cycling, swimming, jogging. Second is-Right diet. For this Cut down on fat and carbohydrates. Include protein and minerals instead. Consume less of potato, rice, sweets, oil, ghee, butter and consume more of fruits and green vegetables. The third is- enough sleep-take at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Sleep should be restful. and fourth and most important stay away from stressTake the help of yoga and meditation for this.

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