No room heater, no stove, keep your bedroom naturally warm in winter

To avoid the cold in winter, people make arrangements to keep their bedroom warm. For this, some people use things like room heater and some more things like stove, but where room heater increases the electricity bill rapidly, then keeping the stove in the house is not a safe option. Today we are going to tell you some such ideas of keeping the bedroom warm, with the help of which you will be able to keep your room warm in a very safe way without spending any money.

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use of windows You should use the rays of the sun coming from the windows as a natural heater. In winter, cold winds blow in the morning and evening. That’s why keep the windows of your house closed both these times. But in the afternoon keep your windows open for maximum sunlight. This can keep your bedroom warm all night long.

invite people to the bedroom As you know, humans release carbon dioxide after taking oxygen. Due to carbon dioxide, our breath remains hot. Therefore, the more people there are in your bedroom, the higher its temperature will be. This trick can also save you from cold to some extent.

bathroom door Often you must have felt that after taking a bath with hot water, the feeling of cold in the bathroom is less. Actually this miracle happens due to the heat coming out of our body and hot water. If you keep the door of your bathroom slightly open while taking a bath, then some of its heat will also reach your room, due to which it will be able to stay warm to some extent.

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bedroom light If you want to keep your bedroom warm in winter, then make some changes in its lights. All the bulbs, lamps or tube lights present here should be of warmer colour- such as red or yellow. The strong heat emanating from the lights of these types of colors can easily keep our room warm.
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