Not a mouth freshener, these 3 things will end the bad smell of the mouth forever in a few days, it has also been proved in research


Sulfuric compound is formed when the protein starts breaking down after coming in contact with the bacteria.
This sulfuric compound is very smelly.

Eating Probiotics Reduce Bad Breaths: Bad breath or bad breath is a very bad disease, which causes problems not only to the patient but also to the people around. If someone starts having bad breath, then it becomes a matter of great embarrassment for him. Whereas the person with whom he talks, he also has trouble with this stench. Due to this stench, the personality of a person becomes weak and it also affects the quality of life. However, many things are responsible for bad breath. For this, pyorrhea can be the main reason for dental disease. But many other things can also be responsible for this. Scientists have found a very easy way to remove the problem of these smells.

In the news of DailyMail, scientists have found that if a person who is troubled by bad breath and uses probiotics, then the foul smell coming out of the mouth can end forever. Actually, when there is accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, then plaque (dirty sticky substance dirty scum) starts accumulating in the teeth, gums or tongue. This causes a very strong foul smell in the mouth. But when fermented food like buttermilk, a special type of bread or miso soup is given, then foul-smelling bacteria start to disappear and the bad smell of the mouth also ends.

These are the reasons for the smell
According to Daily Mail, a type of protein is responsible for this. When this protein starts breaking down after coming in contact with bacteria, a sulfuric compound is formed. This sulfuric compound is very smelly. When bacteria make their home all around in the mouth, then they start leaving their residue in the mouth on the teeth, gums, tongue etc. This plaque i.e. dirty sticky substance starts accumulating in the mouth. Due to this, many foul smelling chemicals also start accumulating. It starts breaking down the protein molecules present on the tongue and making extra smelly chemicals.

The smell will go away from fermented food
Studies have found that the bacteria present in probiotics protect against harmful bacteria. The study found that eating fermented food can eliminate bad breath. There are as many probiotic foods as they come in fermented foods. Buttermilk, Curd, Pickle, Kombucha, Kimchi, Cultured milk, Vinegar, etc. According to studies, the good bacteria present in probiotics kill the harmful bacteria. There are already some products like mouthwash, chewing gum to remove the bad smell of the mouth, but these things remove the bad smell immediately. Researchers from Sichuan University in China said that instead, probiotics destroy the protein responsible for bad breath, which is caused by bad bacteria. At the same time, in a research by NCBI, a simple recipe has been given to remove the bad smell of the mouth. According to this, mint and basil leaves can also eliminate foul smelling bacteria in the mouth.

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