Not a single drop falls on the sinful people of this miraculous waterfall of Uttarakhand, the holy spring present in Badrinath Dham

The Vasudhara waterfall situated on Devbhoomi Uttarakhand does not fall on the body of sinners. It is said that not a single drop of water falls on those who have committed sins. And the people on whom water falls, all their diseases go away.

Famous by the name of Devbhoomi, Gods live in every part of Uttarakhand. The religious places, rivers and waterfalls here have their own importance. The wonderful places of Uttarakhand attract a lot of people towards them. That’s why lakhs of tourists come here every year. A miraculous waterfall here also has its own importance. It is believed that the water of this spring does not fall on the body of sinful persons. This waterfall is present in Badrinath of Chamoli district. Today, through this article, you are going to tell about this miraculous waterfall. Let’s know about this waterfall…

Know what the scriptures say

This waterfall is located 5 km away from India’s last village Mana and 8 km from Badrinath. 13,500 high above sea level, this waterfall is known as Vasudhara waterfall. This waterfall is also mentioned in the scriptures. It is said that this holy spring holds many secrets in itself. The water of this waterfall falls from a height of about 400 feet. The stream from this waterfall is like beautiful pearls. Which gives you the feeling of being in heaven.

stream does not fall on sinners

The biggest feature of this waterfall is that the stream of this waterfall does not fall on every person. It is said that not even a drop of this waterfall falls on a person who has committed sins.

Know what is written in the scriptures

According to the scripture, Sahdev, the youngest brother of the five Pandavas, gave up his life. It is believed that even a drop of this waterfall falls on the person. That person has done good deeds in his life. This is the reason why lakhs of people from all over the country and abroad come and stand under this miraculous waterfall at this place.

all sorrows go away

It is said that this miraculous spring also has the properties of many herbs. The water of the spring comes down touching many plants. The person on whom this water falls, diseases go away from that person’s body.

how did it get its name

It is believed that Ashta Vasu did severe penance here. Because of which the name of this waterfall got Vasudhara. This waterfall is so high that you will not see the last peak of the mountain at once. To reach this waterfall, apart from the facility of Dandi Kandi, you also get the facility of horse-mule from Mana village.

this is the distance

The track starts from Mana village to Vasudhara. After passing the Saraswati temple, a track of 5 km remains here. But this 5 km trekking is quite difficult. The land here is stony and the land is very hard. Hence the trekking from Mana village to Vasudhara takes only 2 hours. Please tell that water and food facilities are not available on the way.

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