Now ‘Space startup’ culture will increase in the country, new job opportunities will be available, ISRO chief expressed this big possibility


More than 100 private sector companies have shown interest in space related activities.
This year two startups were approved by the government.
ISRO Chief said- Employment will increase in the space sector in the coming days.

New Delhi. If you are studying and want to know about employment opportunities in different sectors, then you must know about the space sector. Because in the coming time many employment opportunities are likely to be created in this field. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) President S Somnath has told about the opportunities available in the field of space science.

The Financial Express spoke to ISRO Chairman S Somnath about the government’s plans to open up space activities directly to the private sector. He informed, “Today, more than 100 Indian private sector companies have shown interest in space related activities, including
Most of them are working in either applications or technology development.”

Due to the decision of the government, the private company showed interest in the space sector
S Somnath said that he is excited by the response of the private sector after the government’s decision to direct private sector participation in the space sector. He expressed the possibility that this will increase employment in the space science field in future.

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S Somnath said that the government policy was clear and we are only implementing it. It is driven by the goal of enabling non-governmental organizations and the private sector to engage in space-related activities. Even before this private sectors have worked but they were facing some challenges.

The possibilities of jobs will increase with the participation of the private sector.
ISRO Chairman S Somnath says that the space sector can really grow by increasing the participation of the private sector. The rocket launch on 15th is a small step in that direction in this plan, it is important because all this has been done by a private sector start-up.

Talking about some of the newer technologies like 3D printing, S Somanath said that 3D printing is an emerging technology in the space and now 3D printed rocket engines are being designed and manufactured around the world though still done on a small scale. Used to be.

Let us tell you that Citi had recently released a report that by the year 2040, the annual turnover of the space industry will reach $1 trillion. In the year 2020, it was at the level of $ 424 billion, which means a growth of about two and a half times has been predicted.

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